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Chip the buffalo and campus community members volunteer during move-in

Are you ready for Fall Welcome?

About 8,000 new students and their families will arrive on campus next week, marking the start of Fall Welcome. Here’s what faculty and staff need to know to get ready. Read more
person taking Canvas training on laptop

Curious about how to make the best Canvas course for your students?

OIT is offering a number of Canvas trainings to help instructors with their fall courses, including sessions on building assignments and quizzes, designing more engaging Canvas pages, adding interactive video content and more advanced features. Read more
artist's illustration of the brain

Illuminating the brain one neuron and synapse at a time—5 essential reads

From figuring out where memories are stored to how sensory information translates to behavior, new technologies are helping neuroscientists better understand how the brain works. Hear from several experts, including CU’s John Crimaldi, on The Conversation. Read more
Dan Zhang

Dan Zhang makes sure students ‘R’ prepared for a data-focused future

Professor Dan Zhang was recently honored with a teaching award for enthusiasm, engagement and his Advanced Analytics course for MBA students, which includes teachings in the R programming language.​ Read more
Wind farm in New Zealand

New center to allow explorations of human dimensions of environmental challenges

Bringing together social and environmental scientists, CIRES’ new Center for Social and Environmental Futures will facilitate cutting-edge research, education and outreach activities focused on the human dimensions of environmental problems. Read more
Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

Employee Services: Staff with student debt should try Savi

As a CU employee, you may qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness—a program that rewards college graduates who work in the public sector. CU is a qualifying employer and has a partnership with Savi, a social impact tech company. Learn more at webinars Aug. 9 and Sept. 1. Read more

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